Australia’s National Skin Check Day 24/02/2022

We are happy to announce Australia’s National Skin Check Day 2022 will be held annually on the last Thursday in February.

To coincide with the launch of skin cancer action week, we will be launching a dedicated website for Australia’s National Skin Check Day.

Stay tuned for more information and updates

 anscd 2022

Australia’s National Skin Check Day is a national action day for our national cancer!

Mates Against Melanoma has created anscd to raise public awareness and to increase community participation rates for the early detection of melanoma and related skin cancers.

We encourage the general public to support anscd by booking an appointment with one of our preferred accredited skin check doctors. We will also encourage doctors to inform patients about the activity and the importance of prevention.

It’s as simple as A,B,C,D,E of melanoma!

A.  Pre-book – then visit your doctor for a skin check on Thursday 24th February 2022

B.  Tag and share on Facebook & Instagram @matesagainstmelanoma

C.  Make a donation @ or @matesagainstmelanoma

D.  Your chance to win anscd prize giveaways

E.  You could not only be saving your life, but a mates life too


Money raised will assist in providing free skin checks for the community,  we will also have grants available for anscd registered doctors to access for less fortunate patients. This will help in our fight against the disease and save lives.

It will also allow for the collection of data, which will allow for the production up to date papers, reports and publication relating to melanoma and other related skin cancers.



The results are in for Australia’s National Skin Check Day 2021 and MAM’s Skin Check Target was – 1000 skin checks for the day. Mates Against Melanoma is overjoyed at the response and support we have had for anscd 2021 from the community and our partners.


skin checks performed – 1629

Suspicious spots – 944 (to be monitored & followed up)

Biopsy’s performed – 511

We would like to thank everyone that participated and made the day such a huge success;

Ethical Zinc, HEINE, Ochre Health & Ochre recruitment, SunDoctors, National Health Coop, Flying Skin Cancer Doctors, Genus Creative for your support and donations, THANK YOU!

A special thanks to HealthCert for their corporate donation of $1000 and we look forward working closely in the near future.

We would also like to mention following for organisation for the work and support they provided to MAM & anscd 2021:

Isabella and the team at Theory Crew PR – Melbourne, Jim Wilson – 2GB Sydney, 2GB Healthy Living Show with Dr Ross Walker, 3AW breakfast radio, 4BC radio, 2CC breakfast radio, abc radio Sydney – Perth – Bunburry, Cliff Reeve – Triple M Bunburry, The Daily Mail online, Broadsheet, Lifehacker, Take 5 magazine and to all the 110 media outlets that published my story in print or online to encourage the community to support Australia’s National Skin Check Day, thank you!

I would also like to mention our volunteers, Natasha Wachsner, Bren Braddock, Tessa Emary, Max Lim, Lizzie Curren without your support and dedication to MAM & Australia’s National Skin Check Day it would not have been as successful, THANK YOU!

MAM is now setting our sites on anscd 2022 and will be looking to better our totals and save more lives, we will have more announcements coming soon.


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