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November 21, 2019 11:00 am

Australia's National Skin Check Day

Australia’s National Skin Check Day 21/11/2019

Tumbalong Park – Sydney’s Darling Harbour Precinct – 11am-1pm

ANSCD Activities:

Skin Checks – basic skin checks to open parts of the body will be provided by Sydney Doctors.

Mates Against Melanoma & ANSCD – Sun safe merchandise hats and shirts will be available for purchase from MUSTO our partner in mission.

Molescope – view and purchase new attachments for your smartphones, app technologies that can assist with the early detection and monitoring of melanoma and related skin cancers from METAOPTIMA and DERMENGINE our early detection partner in mission. If you purchase Molescope and use the MAM15 promo code you will be supporting the charity in mission.

Free Sunscreen – Sunscreen Stations Australia will be launching their new portable sunscreen station and will be providing free sunscreen to the general public for the event.

Donations – you will be able to make a donation on the day which will support us in our mission and charitable purposes for the early detection and prevention of melanoma and related skin cancers.

Interviews – there will be onstage interviews with doctors, patients and corporate supporters

Entertainment – DJ Darren James will have great range of Australian music playing to entertain the general public on the day


What is anscd?

anscd is the initiative of Mates Against Melanoma-The Jason Sprott Foundation Limited (MAM). This will be our signature early detection and fundraising activity which will raise public awareness of melanoma and other related skin cancers, by increasing community engagement for the early detection of the disease; funding research and clinical trials to increase survival rates and to find a cure for melanoma; and providing ancillary services for those affected by melanoma.

anscd will have official events around the country where government, corporate and community leaders are invited to be our partners in mission.

When is anscd?

anscd will be hosted each year to kick off the Australian summertime, this will also coincide with the Australian skin cancer action week 17-23.

In 2019, anscd will take place on Thursday 21 November between 11am-1pm


Who can get involved?

anscd will be a day to encourage the Australian general public to get involved, we anticipate commitment from the following:

  • Government MP’s
    • Federal
    • State
    • Local
  • Educational Institutions (public/private)
    • Universities
    • Schools
  • Corporate ( companies/businesses)
  • Community
    • General public
    • Institutes
    • Charities /NFP’s
    • Sporting clubs
    • Registered associations

How can we get involved?

You can get involve in Mates Against Melanoma’s anscd in a number of ways:

  • Set up a fundraiser in your workplace
  • Participate with family and friends at one of our anscd events
  • Register with MAM to commit to getting a skin check
  • Volunteer at one of our official events
  • Make a donation

Where will the funds go?

anscd funds will help Mates Against Melanoma deliver on the foundation’s charitable purposes:

  • MAM Research projects
  • MAM Clinical trial projects
  • Improve early detection of melanoma
  • Funding Systemic therapies
  • Funding targeted therapies
  • Funding other melanoma institutes development research & clinical trial projects
  • Supporting and improving ancillary services for melanoma patients
    • Mental health services
    • Transport services
    • In-home assistance
  • Raising public awareness about all aspects of melanoma
    • Sun safety and prevention techniques
    • Self-examination techniques
    • Melanoma diagnosis, mortality and survival rates
    • Potential mental health issues associated with a melanoma diagnosis
  • Advocacy to achieve the above objects, including promoting or opposing a change to any matter of law, policy or practice with respect to melanoma

Who will anscd help?

Utilising funds raised across Australia, through anscd, Mates Against Melanoma will help:

  • Patients diagnosed with melanoma
  • General public through our sun safety prevention & awareness campaigns
  • Melanoma researchers
  • Other Melanoma & skin cancer Institute’s/charities/NFP organisations

Our Official Partners

Musto, MetaOptima, DermEngine, Molescope Sydney Doctors, Commerg, Sparkle Helmore Lawyers, NSW Government, Darling Harbour, ausbeds, Techzilla, Genus Creative, Call on Melanoma, EEIS, Drew Stephenson Chartered Accountants, Sunscreen Stations Australia, National Skin Cancer Centres, DJC Events.

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