Mission statement

Mates Against Melanoma is the embodiment of the ANZAC Spirit, aiming to alleviate the suffering of our mates battling Australia’s national cancer and to facilitate education and awareness to prevent future generations from experiencing the levels of melanoma experienced today.

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Our beneficiaries are the Australian general community, people with disabilities, the chronically ill (including the terminally ill) and youth 15 to under 25.

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Foundation Purpose

  • Promoting various melanoma diagnostic organisations to improve early detection of melanoma

  • Raising funds for other melanoma charities for the purpose of research, development and clinical trials

  • Funding life-saving medications for systemic therapies, immunotherapies and targeted therapies

  • Funding clinical trials, including for Stage IV melanoma patients and patients that have had radiation therapy

  • Promoting the foundations sun safety awareness programs and initiatives

  • Undertaking public advocacy work, including promoting or opposing a change to any matter of law, policy or practice with respect to melanoma

  • Promoting self-examination techniques & diagnosis, mortality & survival rates

  • The risks of metastasis melanoma and the potential mental health issues associated with a melanoma diagnosis

  • Supporting melanoma patients by funding or improving ancillary services, such as transport services and in-home assistance

Vision statement

Equip all patients undergoing melanoma treatment with the best chance of survival and recovery by providing, resources and the required access to services  and care not currently provided by the Australian health system, and simultaneously undertake education and preventative activities to one day see a world free from melanoma.